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Tips To Saving Energy


If you’re working in the food industry then you would know the value of energy efficient solutions for your gear, and you would be very grateful if someone can give you some tips and tricks as to how you can save energy while still using these high end gear on a daily basis. Because if there is one thing that worried restaurant and store owners when they think of buying such equipment for their store, then it’s the bills that they are going to have to face at the end of the month. Because they know that these gear consume a very high level of energy, and this can be worrisome to most people. So if you want to know how you can save at least a few units of energy and save a few dollars as result of this then read ahead for some tips that you can follow for low energy consumption solutions.

First let’s talk about your anti sweat heaters, yes there is something like this in all of the chest freezer Singapore out there. If you don’t know where it is then you should think about going through your manual a bit more closely now. So if you are in the mood for saving energy then you should not have these heaters on all the time. Make sure that they are switched on only when there is condensation on the doors of the freezer. And that they remain off during the other times. Because these heaters use up a lot of energy when they are in use and you don’t want them to be in use at unnecessary times. And if you think you cannot be bothered to keep on switching them on and off as and when needed then maybe you should install some adaptive controls for them, which will ensure that they switch on and off automatically.

You should also know that the cooling system of your walk in freezer comprises of coils. These coils are used for heat exchange in the process of cooling the insides of the refrigerator. So you should make sure that the insides of the refrigerator are not too stuffed with goods so that there is not enough space for the air to flow inside.

This will not allow the heat exchange to take place as the sir will remain trapped in spaces and the cooling will not be effective. You have to allow the air to circulate well and reach the coils in order to cool down by heat transfer to the coils.