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How To Start Your Own Janitorial Service?


Want to start your own business and is a specialized cleaner or know the business in and out, why not start your own janitorial service company? Many companies of today look to outsource their maintenance unit to a more specialized source to get a better quality outcome as well as to reduce overhead costs due to purchasing and maintaining these maintenance equipment. Thus, there are ample opportunities on the market once you have it have it up and running. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Acquiring Staff

The primary element of a cleaning service in Singapore is qualified staff. Recruiting staff with proper experience in handling the specialized equipment, getting the stubborn stains out and staying out of way is important. Having friendly staff is a bonus as people tend to be more comfortable and supportive around a friendly person rather than a hostile one, thereby ensuring the continued business from your client. Also, while you need people to do the actual work, someone to manage the individuals and the supplies is also necessary, unless you plan on managing it all by yourself.

Getting Equipment

The traditional mop, bucket and broom are no longer sufficient to run a cleaning services company in this modern age of skyscrapers. Office spaces are much larger than what they used to be and house many sensitive equipment that need special care frequently. While they may be services separately by their parent companies or suppliers, their surroundings need to be dust free and cleaned to ensure their continued operation. Powerful yet sensitive cleaning methods and equipment thus need to be purchased to tackle these issues. Also, if you plan on cleaning the curtain glass walls of skyscrapers, make sure to train your staff on how to use the equipment properly and also on safety procedures when operating at such high altitudes.

Human Resource Management and Safety

When running a janitorial service, the staff is constantly in contact with strong chemicals and depending on the client, possible toxic environments may also have to be dealt with. When dealing with such situations, it is important to train your staff in proper safety procedures and on how to act during an emergency situation. It is also important to supply them with adequate safety gear and attire. Having insured your company and staff would also be beneficial in the long term in case an emergency situation should occur. Safety precautions when dealing with high rise buildings was mentioned above and is not to be taken lightly. Similarly, when dealing with basements and submerged building spaces, ensure no toxic gasses have built up over time and would not affect your staff in any negative way.

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