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A Batch Reunion Dance


Once you leave school or college, it is very rare that you meet your batch mates, quite as often as you use to, either in college or school. Today, it is becoming a trend to have large scale batch reunions. Different schools and colleges headed by a batch mate, organize batch reunions. Some make it’s a day out, while some make it’s a grand scale reception. It is totally up to the batch on what they want to do. Most often, there is always a committee, representing the batch that bring it altogether. The alumni always have the best contacts and the best resources when organizing these events. A grand scale reception party calls everyone to be dressed up and come enjoy the evening through the night, up until the dawn, dazzling away to the groovy tunes and much more. Let’s take a look at what it’s on offer, at such events.

The giveaways

There is always plenty and more giveaways. Most often, these events run on sponsors and alumni works hard to get as much as sponsors aboard. A big partner of sponsors is give away gifts to all attendees. These can be for raffles, competitions and even door gifts.

Every individual is entitled to door gifts Singapore, upon producing the ticket. Typically, these can be a bag full of goodies of all sorts of assortments. Other giveaways are typically, for raffle draw and competitions that prolong throughout the whole night. When advertising to your batch, this is a good point to advertise, to get more and more people to attend. Who doesn’t like free giveaways? Everybody does. So making it attractive is important.

A memory timeline

After all it’s a batch reunion and maybe everyone is meeting after quite a few years. Since it is reception style, many focus on doing a memory timeline from back then in school or college. This can be a presentation put together with full of pictures, a video and accounts of different incidents that the batch can reflect upon. Usually these bring back all the good memories, for everyone to ponder and get talking about, as the night starts. These bring in moments of laughter and cherish over the good old days, dated back to school or college.

The night still continues, with all the good food and goodies, the music that keeps everyone up on their toes, the competitions and all that dancing, that get spiced up with the drops of alcohol. But giveaways and memory timelines are just always something more special, at such events.

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