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Posts published in October 2017

Why You Should Quit The Old Method Of Finding New Employees


If someone told you it is now high time to quit the old method of finding new employees for your company, what will your reaction be? If you are not aware there is an old method and a new one chances are you have not realized there are easier ways of completing the process of finding new employees.

The old method deals with your human resources department going through a pile of CVs they have received for the advertisement you published. Anyone who has been a part of that process will never say it is an easy task. However, now with the availability of hiring platform for recruitment in Singapore you can say goodbye to that old method. If you still have doubts about making the shift you should know why the old method is so bad that you need to make the shift.

Waste of Time

The old method consists of you posting an advertisement about a vacancy you have for a post in your company. Then, the CVs start to fly in. If you only accept CVs sent via email there can be a little relief as then you can use a software to select only the ones with relevant qualifications. However, still you will have to go through a pile of CVs. This is going to take a lot of time. That time could very well be the time which could be used to earn more of an income for the company.

Waste of Resources

This process is not something only one person can handle. Therefore, you will be assigning a number of employees for the job. They are going to sometimes take a number of printouts to go through CVs. All of this has proven to be a waste of resources compared to the new method of finding employees.

Hardness of the Task

Selecting the best candidates and then selecting the best one among them for a post in your company is not something easy to do. It is also not something you should consider lightly. However, with the new recruitment apps which take care of finding the best candidates for you make the task a whole lot easier to go through.

Unnecessary Amount of Money Spent

Usually, employee hours put into finding the right candidates and the resources used for the process in the old method has already proven to be an unnecessary amount of spending compared to the new method.

Quitting the old method of finding new employees is going to offer you a better chance of completing that task.

Driving Safe: Top Tips And Checks


Having a calm and chilled weekend can be your dream if you are working hard and have a tight working schedule. When weekend comes, all you want is to get your family or your friends in your SUV and go on a long road trip. But what if your road trip ends in a disaster? If your vehicle is not healthy enough, it will break down or you will not be comfortable driving it for hours. For instance, if you don’t check your vehicle before a long journey, you might end up fixing your vehicle on the road instead of enjoying your long waited weekend.

There are few simple tips and checks that you should know when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Most modern vehicles have dozens of state of the art systems all these systems are powered by a single power source. If that is compromised, all your vehicle’s systems will fail and you will no longer be able to drive your vehicle. You can avoid this by simply taking your vehicle to a car battery service Singapore just before you go on a road trip/ if something is wrong with your car’s electrical systems, those professionals will be able to diagnose it early and they will fix it.

Next, make sure you have enough fuel or gas for the journey. you really don’t want to start a lengthy trip with an empty tank. Make sure to take extra gas with you because if you run out of fuel on the way, next gas station might be located miles away. It is always good to be ready than sorry. Also, check air pressure in tires. Having an optimum air pressure will ensure a more comfortable and relaxing journey, without doubt.

Know how to perform simple vehicle troubleshooting procedures. There are hundreds of tutorials and guides about these simple procedures and this knowledge will come in handy someday. Knowing how to do a car battery replacement or how to change a tire can save you a lot of money and time when you are going on a trip with your friends. Sometimes you will find it difficult to perform certain checks as you see them on tutorials. If you are not sure about what you are doing, it is always recommended to hire a specialist.

Also, make sure to drive safe. Even though all your vehicle’s systems are fully functional, you will face danger if you are a careless driver. A simple mistake can ruin everything and that is why you should always follow rules and road signs.