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Posts published in April 2016

Think You Have What It Takes To Succeed In Dentistry?


The pay may be good, but it is ill-advised to dive into a career in dentistry, without knowing if you will be able to develop the qualities essential to overcome the challenges that this job role can pose.

Master the Poker Face

The best dentist will have to face several patients on a daily basis, who will have questionable levels of oral hygiene. He or she will therefore need to cope with and contain any feelings of disgust, in order to be able to carry out their job and prevent offending their patients. This requires a certain level of maturity and understanding, in order to not show any outward reaction to the foul breath emanating from a patients mouth or the decaying food particles trapped between yellowing teeth. A dentist that shames or insults patients instead of giving them the help and advice they need, cannot be a good one, and most certainly will not be a popular one.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty

Dentistry is a very hands-on job. Day-in and day-out, you will have to use your practical skills to inspect, clean, and perform routine dental procedures inside patients’ mouths. This will include yanking out teeth and filling in cavities and fixing broken teeth. As such you need to have a strong stomach that can handle dealing with blood, gore and saliva. If all this makes you extremely squeamish, this may not be the career for you. Everyday could end up seeming like a nightmare rather than a dream.

Be Human, Be Humble

This doesn’t always seem to be the case with doctors these days, but being a good mouth care practitioner requires a good dose of empathy. When a patient climbs onto your dentist chair, they are putting their trust in you not only to solve their medical issues, but also to treat them with care and respect. Whether are they crying children, dawdling senior citizens or scared adults, you will need to demonstrate patience and understanding.

There is a level of vulnerability that we all choose to accept in laying back on that chair. Accordingly, treat your patients with kindness. Keep them informed about every step you are going to take, especially those that may cause pain or discomfort. Be willing to take the time and effort to answer medical questions in layman’s terms. Respect that that even though you may be the expert, your patient has a right to be in control of what happens to their body.

Take the time to understand the demands of this job role and to understand yourself, in order to make sure it’s the right fit, before you commit.

What Kind Of Text Need Translating?


There are many different types of documents that individuals and organisations need translated from one language to another. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Legal Text

Transcripts of court proceedings and witness testimonies or contracts will need accurate conversion into the official language of proceedings for all the countries in which they are going to be used. The nature of this work is likely to require specialised document translation services. Often, only translators who have a background or significant experience in legal work and proceedings are considered for the job. This is because they have to be familiar with and legal terminology and concepts in order to translate the documents in a way that best preserves the meaning of the original text within a legal context.

Medical Text

Similar to the translation of legal work, medical translation regarding treatment procedures, equipment manuals or drug usage pamphlets require translators who have a solid educational or working background in the healthcare industry. Extensive knowledge of medical vocabulary and processes are often needed, as any errors due to meanings being lost in translation may directly or indirectly lead to the harming of patients and can result in crippling law suits.

Web Articles

E-commerce businesses and hobbyist bloggers alike may want to take advantage of the wide reach that the internet affords and get their content translated into popular foreign languages in order to tap into readers of many nationalities.

Books and eBooks

Publishing houses have long since used document translation services in Singapore to convert best-selling works into multiple languages in order to meet global demand. A good example would be J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series which has been released in over 68 languages in addition to the original English version. Unlike with the translation of legal or medical work, working with fiction may require the translator to display prior interest in fictional writing in the end-language in order to properly convey the intentions and meanings of the author in their entirety. This will help ensure that the book receives similar reactions from all readers regardless of their native tongue.

Official Documents

Many individuals, businesses and government organisations require the interpretation of official papers such as educational certificates, certificates of incorporation, and identification documents such as birth certificates and national identity cards. This work is unlikely to require any additional expertise in any particular area and is usually fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, this means that these kinds of translations may not demand the high rates that translation for legal or medical work brings in. There will also be more competition for this kind of work due to fewer barriers to entry in terms of the expertise, qualifications and experience required.

Different kinds of texts necessitate varying levels of skills, knowledge and credentials in terms of language ability and other know-how.

Do You Want To Achieve A Better Box Jump? – Tips To Consider


Do you want to know the secret for jumping higher? If you’re an individual of the many who wish to jump higher, you’ve come to the right page. You might have watched many videos, tutorials, etc. where individuals are able to jump to a great height. Have you ever wondered how these individuals were able to perform those stunts? For instance you might be amazed by the reality shows where you see individuals performing these stunts. Well, if you’re interested in achieving jumps that high, there’s a method for it. Are you aware of individuals using a jump box? More specifically, have you heard about the plyometrics box? If you do a bit of research on Google, you would come across many of boxes that are sold online.

With that said, you might be wondering how this box could help you jump high? The answer is simply in the design, which allows individuals to jump high from varying angles. You might argue that, you could use a chair or table to jump off. Why would you want to invest in one of these jump box’s? The reason is that, these boxes could help you avoid hurting yourself and enhance jumping skills. With that said, here are some expert tips for using this box in the best way:

i. Distance

You might have hurt and knocked your hand, while jumping from the box. Therefore, a top tip that experts state for using a plyo jump box effectively is distancing the box. That is, in order to avoid injuries, mark a good distance between the jump and the box. As a fact, you could use tape to mark a considerable distance to avoid hurting your hand during the jump.

ii. Height of the box

On the other hand, some think that if the height is greater then, the individual could jump higher. However, the height doesn’t matter, as majorities are able to bounce from a box that is at or less than a meter. Therefore, it’s best to purchase a plyo box that is of this dimension.

iii. Same position for landing

Furthermore, in order to have a higher bounce, you might change the landing position of legs. However, this doesn’t give the results that you think, would otherwise be the best strategy. You should land on the legs in the same angle and position where you started jumping from the plyo jump box.

If you’re using this box at your home, you might already be aware of some of these tips. However, this article is useful to individuals who are new to this equipment. Do you want to bounce higher and avoid accidents such as falling, due to unsteady chairs? Given the above, consider using a plyometrics jump box today.