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Posts published in January 2016

Benefits Of Electronic Access


In a world where everything from books to cooking has been made electronic, it was of course only a matter of time before door locks and other security systems followed suit. Electronic access has been received with open arms as it brings with it a host of benefits that far outweigh previous security measures such as traditional locks and keys. If you are considering installing electronic locks in your home, here are the many reasons as to why you should.


An electronic access system will consist of the card itself and the best card lock. Keys work well too, but only upto a certain extent considering that they can be duplicated. It is quite easy to get keys cut, therefore if you were to lose your key at some point there is a chance a watchful person may steal it and use it for entry at a later point. This is the main advantage that electronic systems have over traditional keys; they cannot be duplicated. Sometimes, secret codes are entered into the magnetic strip or the card itself so that it records details of sign-in and sign-out as well.


Of course we are all human, and there is a possibility of you losing your keycard. However, the procedure is comparatively easier, as all you need to do is inform the relevant people who will then issue you with a new keycard once the old one has been de-activated. If you were to lose a key instead, you would have to call in a locksmith and have a new lock fitted in to go with your new key. With an electronic lock, you only ever need one lock for the rest of your life!


As your entry to the building is through a card lock, your keycard is the only thing you need to keep an eye on. Instead of having to dump a key in the depths of your bag or pockets, you can store the card safely in your wallet, enabling easy access whenever you need it as opposed to digging around for your key. Not only that, but it is also easy to install the required machinery, and it is also not expensive as the system is fairly basic.


As of course with everything, there is a downside and it is important to know it for a complete picture. One very frustrating aspects of keycards is that sometimes, no matter how many times you swipe your card, it simply will not register. At times this could be because the card is scratched and worn out requiring replacement; however having this happen during times of emergency can be troublesome especially if it is at a time when you are unable to access the main offices. Hence, find out about alternative access into the building should this happen at some point so you can be prepared.